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Shiawassee County at a Glance

Total wells drilled through December 31,1990 70
Total oil wells drilled through December 31, 1990 10
Total gas wells drilled through December 31, 1990 0
Total facility wells drilled through December 31, 1990 0
Total dry holes drilled through December 31, 1990 60
Well Density - approximately one well per eight square miles (540 square miles in county)
Total cumulative crude oil and lease condensate production through December 31,1986 242,992 bbls.
Total cumulative natural gas production through December 31, 1986 0 Mcf

CORUNNA - All of Shiawassee County's crude oil production, approximately 250,000 barrels, has come from the Mississippian Berea Sandstone in the New Lothrup Field in the northeastern corner of the county near a point where Shiawassee, Genesee and Saginaw counties meet.

Because Michigan oil and gas production is officially attributed to the county of discovery for each field, all of the New Lothrup Field's output is credited to Shiawasee, when in fact nearly half of pool's wells are located in Genesee County's Flushing Township, T8N, R5E.

Harris Oil Company opened the New Lothrup Field in 1967 with the Carl Wendling No. 1 in Section 12 of Hazelton Township (T8N, R4E), its initial production of 10 barrels per day was typical of the modest rates recorded for other wells in the field. Harris and Don Raybum were successful in developing the Shiawassee end of New Lothrup, Robert Westbrook later took over as operator of all active wells in the field in both Shiawassee and Genesee counties.

Outside of the New Lothrup development, Shiawassee exploration has been scattered, with several holes drilled in Perry (T5N, R2E) and Antrim (T5N, R3E) townships off the northwestern end of Livingston County's Howell Anticline and a small cluster of dry holes drilled in Shiawassee Township, T6N, R3E.

C.A. Lee drilled the county's first deep test in 1960 in Section 5 of Perry, with Hadson Oil sinking deep tries in Section 22 of Perry and Section 15 of Antrim townships the next year. Mobil Oil Corp. tried Section 5 of Perry a short distance from the Lee test in 1970, having no better luck and plugging at a total depth of 7,039 feet.

Michigan Oil Company drilled the most recent and deepest Ordovician wildcat in Shiawassee County in 1975, reaching 7,267 feet in Section 5 of Sciota Township and drill stem testing on the strength of a Black River gas show before calling for the plug.

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