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Ionia County at a Glance

Total wells drilled through December 31, 1990 100
Total oil wells drilled through December 31, 1990 9
Total gas wells drilled through December 31,1990 0
Total facility wells drilled through December 31,1990 0
Total dry holes drilled through December 31,1990 91
Well Density - approximately one well per six square miles (578 square miles in county)
Total cumulative crude oil and tease condensate production through December 31,1986 48,479 bbls.
Total cumulative natural gas production through December 31,1986 0 Mcf

IONIA - The nine commercially productive oil wells drilled in lonia County are split between the only field discovered inside its boundaries, the Hubbardston Dundee reservoir, opened in 1947 in Section 4 of North Plains Township, T8N, R5W, and Montcalm Count/s Bloomer Field, a Traverse Limestone pool discovered three years earlier just north of the lonia field.

T.F. Caldwell's McKenna No. 1 is credited as the Hubbardston discovery, the five-well field was developed on 10-acre spacing and abandoned in 1959.

Since Geological Survey Division policy attributes oil and gas production for individual fields to county of discovery, only production from Hubbardston is included in the 48,479-barrel all-time cumulative total for lonia.

The greatest concentration of oil and gas drilling completions in lonia County has been in its northeastern comer, particularly in North Plains Township. Devonianage horizons have been the principal target, but recent exploratory drilling has tested the Ordovician Prairie du Chien as well.

Unlike the Devonian drilling, the Ordovician probes have been located predominantly in southwestern lonia County. First deep test drilled was McClure Oil's 1961 wildcat in Section 28 of Campbell Township (T5N, R8W), which bottomed at dry 5,700 feet.

Since then, seven other Prairie du Chien wildcats have been drilled in Orange (T6N, R6W), Boston (T6N, R8W) and Keene (T7N, R8W) townships, the deepest of them by depth being Amoco Production Company's 1988 Behrenwald Unit 1-34, which reached total depth at 6,701 feet in Section 34 of Boston Township.

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